Interview of Khun Yammy - a Hands On student who obtained a full scholarship

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Name: Patchaya (Yammy) Teerawatsakul
Age: 29 years old
Education: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Major in English, Minor in Chinese, Chulalongkorn University
Course and University of Scholarship: MBA Corporate Social Responsibility, University of Nottingham
We have been lucky to interview one of the top students that we have helped counsel this year. Miss Patchaya Teerawatsakul or Khun Yammy is a passionate, dynamic and well-rounded individual who has studied, worked, lived and travelled to over 30 countries so far. She has achieved a wide range of educational and professional awards and ceaselessly represented university, country and region. This year, she will represent Thailand studying overseas by becoming the first Thai student who has won the Full Scholarship Award from the University of Nottingham to study MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility.

1. What do you hope to achieve by studying the MBA in CSR?

“There have been proven records of how irresponsible behaviour has caused us trouble, from exploiting employees, poor working conditions, unfair trade and contributing to climate change. I believe that the MBA CSR will help me and fellow students find ways to communicate and influence the executives in business sectors to balance the responsibility towards all spheres and learn how to care about more than just profitability but also ensure corporations are responsible for their people and the environment on a larger scale”

2. How much time did you spend preparing your scholarship application and do you have any tips for other Thai students applying for scholarships?

“A few months I would say! Days and nights, I got up with it, ate with it and slept with it. You just have to be passionate about what you think and write about. By the time you apply for the scholarship, you must have already found the subject you really want to marry. Use it as a core. Then connect it with your big successes in the past and your reasonable plans in the future. Schools love an outstanding but real story. Write from your heart. Then the chance can be yours.”

3. Your impression of Hands On?

“Serendipity is the word that comes to mind! However, please let me clarify upfront that Luck is not by chance and we can create Luck. I was obsessed with my school search during the past years and that linked me to many agents including Hands On.  I spoke with all agents found and somehow my counsellor “Piet” came along in the middle of the process! I have always felt that I was lucky to meet Piet. He had the knowledge, skills and above all, patience. I know seeing my email popping up on his screen was not the best news – that meant “another revision from Yammy.” We worked closely together to polish my essays. He allowed me to put my original thoughts and words into them. I like the way that he commented frankly on my works and never got tired (at least in front of me!) of my endless revisions and questions. I would like to thank him for believing in me and for making this happen together.”

4. When you return to Thailand, what are your plans?

“I wish to be part of the inspiration and influence for those who may follow to do the right things as good global citizens and of course still in response to the business needs. How wonderful it would be to grow a business that helps grow the people and society around us. It takes time and courage to truly understand and implement something like CSR and yet it shall not be beyond our capability to succeed and sustain the people, the economy and the environment together with our greatness and pride.”

5. Anything else you would like to add?

“I like to begin with the end in mind, as stated by Stephen R. Covey, and you can do it too. Human beings are born with special gift that we all can achieve what we really want to. Just do not give up. If you do not get it this year, try next year. If you do not get it next year, re-assess your ability and stretch for what you can achieve. Then drive for it, stay positive, be creative and you will just get there in no time.”

Thank you Khun Yammy for sharing your time to be a part of this interview.

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